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The Legacy Integrator Surcharge

The shift from ERP to Enterprise Cloud Solutions will not be a linear transition; instead, it represents a massive shift of innovation capabilities that will likely predominate industries over the next two decades, if not more. This transition can seem intimidating and potentially expensive, which is why many companies and government agencies will be tempted to rely on the legacy integrators they have relied on in the past to implement the new systems under the guise of “risk reduction and cost containment.”

The reality is that the use of legacy integrators is not as safe a choice as it may appear.
Here’s what you should know: Legacy integrators have no more expertise in implementing new Enterprise Cloud Solutions than anyone else and thus do not have any added value in experience or service.

Legacy integrators hire smaller companies like Thorben to provide the actual technical support and installation in many cases. Essentially, this means you would be hiring one company for your Enterprise Cloud Solutions integration, who then, in turn, would hire a company like us. So, in addition to paying the fee that they pay us to do the actual work, you are also paying them a fee for using their company and “expertise.”

We call that a Legacy Surcharge — and it’s an expense your company doesn’t need to incur.

If you genuinely want to reduce risks and contain costs, it makes more sense to go straight to the company that will be leading the charge of this new generation of Enterprise Cloud Solutions. A company like Thorben. We embrace Enterprise Cloud Solutions’ potential and understand that migration to the cloud requires an organizational commitment and a well-coordinated effort.

Once the migration occurs, the work of optimizing the value of being in the cloud continues exponentially. If implemented effectively, the budget for a set series of requirements should go down over time.
  • Data capture, accessibility, and visibility provide the potential for the massive value derived from analytics and new functionality focused on stakeholders.
  • Automation supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning offers long term value creation by reducing costs and improving performance in all aspects of managing your Enterprise Cloud Solution.
  • Application usability, accessibility, and uptime should improve based on the ideal operating environment offered in Enterprise Cloud Solutions.
  • Security can be uniformly applied across the entire Enterprise Cloud Solution.
The most important consideration for businesses is to consider the long-term value to productivity and shareholders. It is why Thorben focuses on mastering innovation to help your business succeed.