People & Technology

Technically, It’s All About having the RIGHT Team.

It’s a business maxim that a company is only as good as the team that supports it. This is even more true with Cloud migrations and implementations.

Agencies should find value in partners with extensive experience in Federal Enterprise Cloud migrations and Federal ERP implementations.

They should employ technical teams made up of staff with track records of multiple successful migrations and/or implementations.

Why? The Benefits are Many.
  • Technical team members with more time on specific projects, rather than individuals who change projects often, indicate people who work well within a team structure and focus on disciplined team goals.
  • Technical team members with extensive experience with Enterprise Systems can provide a level of maturity and excellence in executing your enterprise cloud vision.
  • Partners who focus on performance, cost, and schedule accomplishments for their client’s benefit demonstrate support for customers and program goals. Partners should guarantee specific technical resources and provide direct access to team members.
Bait and Switch Experience.

One of the problems with using larger technical firms is demonstrating an extensive track record and having team members with relevant experience. Still, most project work is conducted by less experienced individuals with little access to the talent advertised in their proposal.

Key Takeaway:

Partners who allow their experienced technical team to work their craft will generate more effective Enterprise Cloud project results.