People & Technology

Technology Increases Value. But Only With The Right People

The Technology of Cloud Solutions has the power to bring massive value to organizations. But technology isn’t enough to bring that value to light. The secret ingredient to take full advantage of is people. The right people.

The challenge for implementing any ambitious change is people.

Strong leadership which embraces a clear strategy designed to yield benefits is a necessary starting point. The reality is that organizations take on the values of their leaders, so this embrace has to flow from the top of the organization down through the technology and business process leaders.

A motivated champion of the new vision which is a catalyst for change must orchestrate any implementation project. The Enterprise then needs a team willing and able to execute that strategy with discipline and focus. Delivering value to stakeholders in a cost-effective manner can become the unifying focus of the Enterprise’s Technology efforts.

Key Takeaways:
  • Technology can support the Enterprise’s vision provided that teams with appropriate motivation, skills, and experience are employed.
  • Agile development and management processes support the Enterprise vision.
  • Processes work when organizations embrace a performance culture.