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Responsibility — An Added Value To Enterprise Cloud Solutions

One of the conversations missing around technology professionals is that of responsibility.

Let’s share a truth: By virtue of the specialized knowledge an Enterprise Cloud Solutions provider has, our clients are often at the mercy of the integrity of the company they hire. The reality is that our clients don’t fully understand all that is possible with this emerging technology and look to us to provide them with the most honest assessment of what they need, how it should be implemented, and how much it should cost.

And while we would hope that all providers would take this obligation seriously, sadly, it is not always the case. Providers have been known to take advantage of their clients’ ignorance, leaving them in a vulnerable state.

At Thorben, our driving mission as trusted technology professionals is to embrace RESPONSIBILITY for our Client’s Mission, Vision, and Culture through Enterprise Cloud Solutions’ delivery. We accept RESPONSIBILITY to build and deliver value in all phases of engagement with our Client organizations, including their Stakeholders.

We believe it is our RESPONSIBILITY to offer more value. Why?
  • MORE VALUE frees up resources to expand the impact of Clients’ Missions.
  • MORE VALUE increases the attractiveness of Client organizations for Customers, Staff, and other Stakeholders.
  • MORE VALUE creates more opportunities to drive innovation and improve opportunities for Clients, Staff, Customers, and other Stakeholders.

We believe it is our RESPONSIBILITY to deliver this value through INTEROPERABILITY, AGILITY, and INTEGRITY.

  • INTEROPERABILITY in Enterprise Cloud Solutions is the technical essence of the solution.
  • AGILITY is how we approach every challenge.
  • INTEGRITY ensures we are doing the right thing at all times with regards to client Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

Thorben infuses this overarching focus on RESPONSIBILITY across all work stages with our Clients — from Concept — to Design — to Migration — to Optimization — to Expansion — to Maintenance.

It is how we bake in added value at every level of service.