CLIENT HERO: US Department of Interior Business Integration Office through its implementation of the Financial Business Management System (FBMS).

CLIENT MISSION: The concept of an enterprise business management solution took root at Interior in the late 1990s. It became necessary to plan for the replacement of aging financial and acquisition systems that were not meeting business needs and were no longer supported by vendors. The idea to implement a modern, integrated solution was championed by leaders across DOI’s business policy community. Appropriations to support the effort were first provided in 2004.

The Department used an incremental approach to deploy FBMS with groupings of bureaus “going live” each year. Full deployment across the Department was completed in November of 2013, and marked a significant achievement in the Federal government; no other cabinet level agency has conceived, created and successfully deployed a ERP solution on the scale and scope of FBMS.

THORBEN SOLUTION & TEAM: Thorben has supported FBMS since 2004. We have led efforts in capacity planning, enterprise architecture, security compliance, and application development throughout the entire lifecycle of FBMS. Thorben has been instrumental in developing and maintaining operations, project management, change management and security compliance throughout the FBMS lifecycle.

CLIENT MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Today, the FBMS solution supports business management processes related to financial management, budget execution, acquisition, grants and cooperative agreements, real and personal property management, fleet management, aviation, travel, enterprise information management and reporting. To date, the implementation of FBMS has allowed the decommissioning of 86 legacy systems.

THORBEN IMPACT & VALUE CREATED: Thorben provided a staff of experienced SAP developers and administrators which has allowed FBMS to achieve capabilities with aggressive timelines within budget throughout the lifecycle. Thorben has been able to serve as an honest broker in evaluating costs and schedule of new functionality and many instances has allowed the government to develop capabilities without the use of the system integrator resources. Thorben expertise has allowed the government to achieve ambitious project goals and milestones while providing powerful services available to the entire US government.



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