Thorben has joined the SPLUNK PARTNERVERSE after years of optimizing the industry leading Security and Observability Platform with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities for the US Army. SPLUNK leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has been purpose built for security and observability and offers powerful tools including automated responses to fortify cybersecurity.

SPLUNK powers Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) which is evidence-based knowledge that helps you to:

  • Understand a cyber attackers attack behavior and motives.
  • Predict the attackers’ next attack targets.

Threat intelligence is gathered by processing and analyzing current and potential threat data. The advantage of CTI is that it provides an in-depth understanding of the cyber threats that can become serious risks to the organizations’ assets and propose defense mechanisms to fight against them. Essentially, CTI promotes proactive cybersecurity measures for fighting cyberattacks rather than reactive cybersecurity, where security mechanisms trigger only after an incident is identified.

SPLUNK accelerates modernization. SPLUNK has been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Security Incident and Event Management for ten consecutive years. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Splunk Enterprise Security as their SIEM to rapidly detect and respond to critical events so they can stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain cyber resilience. Thorben can link SPLUNK with our Federal Modernization Platform to support advanced Zero Trust Architecture and powerful cybersecurity protection.