ERP Management Operations


Our Modernization Accelerators automate security and operations so you can manage your existing baseline more efficiently and effectively and free up your IT talent to work on higher value projects. Our Modernization Accelerators offer FedRAMP Moderate and FedRAMP High environments which can be tailored to your organizational requirements. Expanded capabilities support speed to market and innovation. We offer flexible and custom terms and pricing depending on what level of support your enterprise wants with regard to establishing, optimizing and operating your Thorben AWS Secure Enclave Platform.

Thorben continues to deliver innovation to our clients with a goal of automating everything and providing modernization accelerators to our clients.


Enterprise Tools improve configuration management, security compliance and incident response through automation.

These automations are designed to leverage the power of the cloud to improve overall operation efficiencies, security, resilience, performance, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

  1. Automated Configuration Management Audit capabilities comply with NIST by providing a continuous assessment of whether system resources are consistent with their documented design requirements. Deviations are identified and logged.
  2. Automated Issue Tracking and Resolution enters a ticket in the issue management tool when it detects a non-compliant event which eliminates the need for human intervention and speeds issue resolution. Simple matters can trigger scripts which resolve the issue automatically.
  3. Automated Activity Log Review via Splunk Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) identifies extreme or non-normal system usage history and allows data analytics insights into optimizing your enterprise cloud solution.
  4. Automated User Tracking identifies anomalous behaviors in real time for particular users such as non-standard access times or locations or large volume transfers. This can restrict user access to help limit security damage from individual users.
  5. Automated Scalability helps balance performance with cost management.
  6. Automated Orchestration and establishment of environments based on pre-configured models ensure consistency and compliance throughout your organization.
    Disaster Recovery with automatic failover improves Continuity of Operations.
  7. Security patching and testing has been incorporated into the CI/CD pipeline to support ongoing compliance.
    Identity management at the component level helps to implement Zero Trust principles which improves overall security posture.

These automations establish guardrails and guideposts for client KPIs, security, privacy and organizational policies. These CSP based automations provide visibility, analytics, performance and improved governance and can be built on to provide more advanced functionality over time.

Thorben can help you automate your operations and improve your performance.