ROI & Stakeholder Value

It’s Not About Cost, It’s About Value

Despite the focus on lowering costs, let’s share what may sound like a controversial opinion: Organizations are not in the business of saving money; they are in the business of delivering stakeholder value, which leads to better outcomes for everyone.

While costs need to be managed for all organizations, if the cost side of the equation dominates, organizations will miss out on innovative opportunities, particularly through enterprise cloud adoption.

Delivering benefits to stakeholders in a cost-effective manner is the appropriate lens to focus on cloud adoption.

While costs for various solutions will primarily be similar in magnitude, a well-conceived enterprise cloud plan will drive creativity and geometrically expand benefits to any organization’s stakeholders if that is the focus. This motivates the mission-driven team members and helps position the organization for prominence in the eyes of stakeholders.

Organizations that focus on delivering more value to stakeholders can manage costs and increase profits.

At Thorben, we believe in the idea of Mastering Innovation Together ™ with our clients. This means having a collaborative mindset with clients to understand what challenges clients are trying to overcome and what benefits they are working to deliver to their stakeholders. A focus on expanding benefits to stakeholders helps clients drive more significant impacts with similar budgets.

Mastering innovation while working with clients requires matching curiosity and a passion for problem-solving to understand innovative technologies and processes. Partners who focus on understanding the client organization’s culture will more likely work harmoniously towards client goals as a member of high-performance teams.

The longevity of service engagements that exceed performance, cost, and schedule goals indicates a commitment to client needs and customer service excellence.

In the end, the ability for a provider to offer ongoing increased stakeholder value with meaningful, tangible benefits (including profits and freeing up valuable time and bandwidth) should be an organization’s benchmark of success rather than an isolated eye on the price tag.